10 Useful Small Business Apps

There are more than a million apps available for download to your iPhone, iPad and Android, including everything from games to calorie counters to apps that find other apps. But as a small business owner, which apps are most useful to you?

I came across an infographic recently, designed by Salesforce Desk (desk.com), that lists some of the apps that allow you to run your business from almost anywhere. While I’m not suggesting that you camp out on a sandy beach and rely on your phone to run the pizzeria, it’s nice to know that you can still feel connected when you do need to get away.

Some of the suggested business apps include:

Quickbooks: Handle a variety of financial tasks and record sales.

Mint.com: View your bank balances and transactions while the app sorts and updates all of your financial info.

Office Time: Easily manage timesheets, spreadsheets and projects.

Box and Dropbox: Two apps that both allow you to manage and store documents, making it possible to access files from anywhere.

Evernote: Syncs to the Cloud and lets you edit documents before sharing.

Skype: Send and receive voice, video and chat, with the option to call abroad when away from your computer.

Webex: Schedule, host and attend meetings from anywhere in the world.

Square: A free card reader lets you turn your phone or iPad into a cash register.

Google Wallet: Leave your wallet at home and pay for all of your purchases using your phone by saving your credit/debit info on this app.