3 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Robert De Niro

PHOTO: Athena LeTrelle

I know, I know, where is she going with this one? But trust me here, there are lessons to be learned from one of America’s favorite actors.

Lesson 1: Be Tough, But Be Likeable. De Niro has played a lot of bad-guy roles (The Godfather, Goodfellas, The Untouchables, Cape Fear), but he also knows how to turn things around and show his nice side (The Big Wedding, Last Vegas). In the pizza business, you need to have a strong side to be able to run your business, but you also need to show your personable side when handling your customers.

Lesson 2: Keep Growing. While already a great actor, De Niro decided to try his hand at directing and producing. He has since produced more than 30 movies since the late ’80s. You may already have a great pizza business, but there is always room to grow and try new things. Growth is something that benefits you, your business and your staff.

Lesson 3: Never Give Up. Robert De Niro has been starring in movies every year (sometimes several per year) since 1965. Whether the reviews were good or bad, he never gave up and is still going strong today at 70 years old. When times get tough at the pizzeria and you receive a bad online review, remember that tomorrow is another day and another chance to be your best.