4 Tips to Help You Survive Gift-Giving Season

(photo: asenat29 on Flickr)

It’s that time of year again. 
We may not have put the turkeys in the oven yet, but the radio is already playing holiday music, lights have been strung in the streets, and you’re likely already planning your company holiday party.

As if running a pizzeria wasn’t stressful enough, now you have to figure out what to get for your Secret Santa! Whose idea was this anyway?

This year, put an end to the holiday gift-giving confusion by arming yourself with a few simple ground rules.

If you’re exchanging gifts with the entire team and you’ve been assigned to someone, get to know that person a little bit. Know which holiday they celebrate (not everyone celebrates Christmas) and make an effort to be more creative in your gift giving by trying the following:

  1. Listen for Clues: You’re around these people a lot at the pizzeria, so listen for things they like—a new restaurant they want to try (gift certificate), a band they like (a CD), favorite coffee, cookies, etc. Notice what their favorite color is, etc. It’s easy to personalize a gift once you pick up on some clues.
  2. Be Personal, But Don’t Offend: Don’t give a gift that may offend the receiver or make them feel uncomfortable. Keep your gifts light and fun. If you receive something you don’t like, just be polite in your acceptance. It’s never fun to embarrass one of your peers in the middle of a Secret Santa party.
  3. Do Not Overspend: If everyone has agreed on a set budget, do not exceed it. It can sometimes be difficult to stay under a $10 budget, but it can be done. Spending more than the person you are exchanging gifts with only makes the other person feel uncomfortable.
  4. Don’t Succumb to Holiday Pressure: If you start receiving gifts from a bunch of people, don’t feel the need to reciprocate with a gift. A hand-written thank you note can show your appreciation without breaking the bank.