5 Reasons to Provide Free Wi-Fi

free wifi

The world has changed. We are attached to our technology in ways we never were before. Surveys have shown that some customers will actually leave an establishment if they are not able to gain Internet access on their wireless devices.

So let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should consider providing free Wi-Fi in your pizzeria.

1. You will stand out from the competition. Even though free Wi-Fi is becoming more widespread, it’s still not everywhere. Heck, it’s hard to get a good connection at coffee shops anymore. Be the guy who saves the day by always having the hookup for your customers.

2. It costs less than you may think. Providing free Internet to everyone who may walk through the door may seem costly, but in reality, there are budget-friendly options for businesses. Just call your local service provider for more information (and to make sure you’re able to provide reliable service).

3.You may start to see tourists and students stopping in. Think of all the hotels around you that don’t offer free Wi-Fi. With a window decal announcing that you have it, as well as a button on your website, you’re likely to see some new foot traffic walking through the door.

4. Your pizzeria won’t turn into a campground. A realistic fear is that free Wi-Fi may attract those who want to use your pizzeria as an office, but if that ever becomes an issue, just keep offering them more food and drinks to add to their bill.

5. You can advertise to them while they surf. Even if they just came in to grab a soda, your hot spot sign-in page can don ads for your appetizers, pizzas, salads, combos, or anything else you want, enticing Wi-Fi users to order more while they’re there or as a to-go order.

Are you currently offering Wi-Fi at your pizzeria? How is it benefiting you?