5 Steps to Higher Profits in 2014

Photo by 401(K)2013 (flickr)

The start of a new year gets everyone thinking about fresh starts and new ideas. It’s the perfect time to create your master plan for success and increased profits. Below are a few simple steps to get you  moving in the right direction.

1. Diversify – Branch out from what you’ve been doing. This could mean adding online ordering, a gluten-free pizza, a “healthier” flatbread option or anything that will introduce your pizzeria to an expanded demographic.

2. Be More Social – Social media grows by the day. Enlist one of your staff members to help you increase your reach on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and ensure they are interacting with customers in a personal way.

3. Learn the Art of the Giveaway – The money you spend giving product away is returned tenfold when it comes to marketing. Hand out free plastic cups, pens, or magnets with your logo, and don’t be shy about sending free pizzas to local teachers, office managers and hotel management. Local charities and sports teams fall into this category as well.

4. Treat Your Employees as Partners – Everyone wants to feel like they are contributing to something successful. Conduct regular company meetings and recognize the contributions of your staff. Give them responsibilities that allow them to feel in charge. In the long run, they will work hard to help themselves and you succeed.

5. Continue to Focus on Food Quality – Above all else, never lose sight of what’s coming out of your kitchen. Ask friends who can be objective to come into the pizzeria when you aren’t there to taste the product and provide feedback. Keep an eye on reviews that are being posted online and follow up as necessary.

I hope this helps to set you on a path toward greater success and profits in 2014. Happy New Year!