5 Steps to Profitable Pizzeria Anniversaries

restaurant anniversary
Everybody loves a party, and when we’re talking about pizzeria parties, nothing compares to an anniversary party, complete with discounts, special menu items and guest appreciation gifts. 
While customers love these events, putting them together can be a daunting task for you. However, with proper planning and organization, you can ensure that your upcoming pizzeria anniversary party is a smashing success.

1. Plan Ahead

Before jumping into anything, it’s essential to have a plan. When will you celebrate? Which anniversary and why? Sit down and determine your goals for the event; they should include more than just having a good time. Are you trying to reward current customers, obtain more, or both?
Keep things simple and don’t try to celebrate every year. Milestones that happen every five years are the norm and a welcome treat for regular and prospective customers.

2. Market Your Event

True for any type of event, customers need an appropriate amount of notice before your event. Start getting clients excited about it at least two months before the celebration if you expect to create any measurable impact. Send out teasers through the mail, email, social media and more to get everyone excited leading up to the event.
Don’t leave out the press. Alert your local newspapers, food bloggers and radio stations well in advance of your event, providing all relevant information, photos and an invite.

3. Thank your Customers

Once you decide whenyou want to celebrate your anniversary, you’ll need to determine how you’ll celebrate. One of your main objectives should be to thank your customers for helping you get to the anniversary. There are many ways you can thank customers in addition to the party, whether it’s through a month-long discounting program, year-long specials or even big prizes such as free pizza for a month or free delivery charges for a year. Ultimately, you’ll want to run an anniversary promotion during the same month as the event to tie the two together. Include special friends and family discounts and party invites to encourage referrals.

4. Reward Yourself!

With all of the specials being offered to customers, you may be wondering what the rewards are for you on your anniversary. In addition to giving you a chance to thank your customers face to face, showing them how much you care, you’ll have the added opportunity to introduce them to new menu items, encourage them to invite friends that may turn into longtime customers, and encourage the purchasing of gift cards and other retail items at the event. Did I mention the press clips, new customers, and sales boost? Happy anniversary!

5. Get Everyone Involved

Above all, planning a pizzeria anniversary should be a team effort. Recruit everyone on your staff to help in the coordination, and consider all ideas brought to the table. Having a large group working together toward the common goal of creating a successful event will benefit everyone in the end.

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