5 Ways to Retain Your Customers

attract customers

By now you know that repeat customers bring the most consistent profits into your pizzeria. They spend more, they provide word-of-mouth advertising for you, and they loyally return again and again, bringing friends each time, if you’re lucky. The goal should be to have at least 25% of your profits coming from repeat customers.

So how do you get one-time customers to transition into repeat customers? It goes beyond serving them a great pizza. Here are 5 tips to get them coming back for more.

1. Provide Great Value and Service. “Give the customer a great perception of value for their meal and provide them with outstanding fast and friendly service,” says Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann. “There’s a lot to be said for being ‘Down-home friendly.'”

2. Show Them Appreciation and Respect. “The best way to get a customer to come back is to make them feel appreciated and respected,” says Vanessa Maltin-Weisbrod from Delight Gluten Free magazine. “In terms of the community that I work with, a pizzeria that has employees who care about food allergies and shows customers that they are well informed and offer safe practices, have customers for life.”

3. Make them Feel Like a Star. “Make the customer feel important,” says Jonathan Porter from Chicago Pizza Tours. “Ask them if they live in the neighborhood or if they are visiting, etc. Engage with them.”

4. Offer Something Unique. “Great service and unique offerings attracts repeat customers,” says Jason Feirman from “A pizzeria that may have average pizza but an excellent beer list could attract a customer base that’s excited about experiencing unique beverages. Unique offerings don’t even have to be food related; if a pizzeria is catering to families, they could set up an air hockey table or other games in a back room, which places the focus on the overall experience.”

5. Show Them the Love! Scott Wiener from Scott’s Pizza Tours says it best, “Customers come back when they feel loved.”

How do you keep your customers coming back for more?