6 Ways to Wake Up a Boring Newsletter

Credit: Devopstom (Flickr)

We all love the ease of sending out e-newsletters. The Internet has saved us all thousands of dollars on paper and postage.

However, the old rules of newsletters do not apply to e-newsletters. Long copy must be shortened; benefits and specials must grab the readers attention quickly; and readers must have a reason to read your email.

In the interest of keeping this short and to the point, here are 6 ways to improve your existing e-newsletter.

1. Nearly 80% of your readers will scan, not read your newsletter. Toss out introductory info and get straight to the point.

2. Keep things short and simple. Sentences should be less than 15 words, paragraphs less than four sentences, stories less than three paragraphs.

3. Avoid sounding like a book. Maintaining a friendly and conversational tone will make readers want to keep reading.

4. Report interesting and accurate information. If your readers trust you as a news source, they will open your emails in the future.

5. Stay focused. Try not to cover too many topics at once.

6. Test popular newsletter formats such as lists (like this one with important information bolded), which cover one topic and are easy for readers to scan and pick up information.You can always link to a site-based article for those who want to read more.

How are you keeping your e-newsletters interesting? Let me know in the comments!