7 Signs You May Be a Bad Boss

I worked for several different types of companies before I found my home at PMQ–a video store, a bank, a home insurance company, a mortgage firm, an interior design company, an Internet start-up, etc.

Over those years I had my experiences with both good–and bad–bosses. 

Many times, those who are left in charge of others often ask themselves, “Am I being a good boss?” If you’re a new owner or manager, you could be asking yourself this same question.

Thankfully, there are some tell-tale signs that someone may be a “bad” boss. While it may be scary to find out that you are falling prey to one of these common symptoms, don’t worry, there’s still time to turn things around. Once you have identified the problem, a solution is usually not far behind.

1. You micromanage. Do you often feel like no one can do a job as well as you can? Do you find it hard to trust employees and sometimes go back and redo something they’ve already done or watch over them as they perform a task?

2. You steal ideas. Have you ever caught yourself liking someone’s idea and then taking credit for it?

3. You are critical. You find it hard to give constructive feedback and instead, criticize.

4. You see the glass as half empty. As a boss, part of your job is to keep the team in good spirits. If you find yourself with a constant negative attitude, those around you may follow suit.

5. You are borderline abusive. Have you ever yelled, screamed or used profanity while arguing with an employee? As the boss, you set the tone for how employees interact with you.

6. You are too friendly. While abusive bosses are bad, so to are bosses that are too friendly. No employee should ever feel that a boss is flirting or making unwelcome advances. Work is for working.

7. You are absent. You can’t function as a boss if you are not around. Your team needs a leader; if it’s not you; hire someone who can be there to make sure they can succeed.

So how did you fare? Did you pass with flying colors? I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you to know that I have had every type of boss listed above in past jobs. Not everyone is cut out to be a boss; it’s a tough job to manage a team of people that are all counting on you.

If you’re doing things right, keep up the good work!