Attend a Hair Show for Pizza Advice

A couple of weeks ago I attended a hair education event in Orlando. Yes, you read that right. When I returned home from covering the event (for a separate publication), I realized that many of the business tips that the educators were sharing could also be applied to running a pizzeria.

Not surprisingly, when seeking business and marketing advice, almost any seminar or trade event will provide valuable, motivational tips that help your pizzeria–just translate the tips to apply to your own business.

We all want to attend the big pizza events that happen throughout the year (and you should), but in between, there are probably dozens of smaller nonpizza events right in your own neck of the woods. You won’t be eating pizza at most of these (that’s the hardest part), but you’ll be learning from new-to-you experts and applying fresh ideas immediately.

Here are just five of the tips I picked up at the hair show. I’ve translated each into a pizzeria tip.

Original tip: If the salon is too booked to take a walk-in, give the client a $10 voucher to come back within five days so that you don’t lose them to another salon.
Pizzeria translation: If you run out of a menu item or otherwise have a dissatisfied loyal customer, give them a $10 coupon to return within 10 days so that you don’t lose them to another pizzeria.
Original tip: When a client says, “I want something completely different,” it means they’ve gone through something terrible or wonderful; make them feel great!
Pizzeria translation: When a customer says, “Surprise me” they’ve probably had a rough day and can’t make one more decision; make them something that will wow them!
Original tip: Give your client four referral vouchers valid for six weeks. For each one that comes back, the client receives $80 to spend in the salon. With $80 each on the line, they will get people there!
Pizzeria translation: Give your customers a referral coupon valid for six weeks. If it comes back, the customer receives $XX to spend in the pizzeria.
Original tip: Turn your customers into referrals by exciting them again. Talk with them. Oftentimes, they think we just don’t care.
Pizzeria translation: Same as above.
Original tip: Raise your prices; be the premium, and justify yourself.
Pizzeria translation: Same as above. 

Do you attend seminars and trade shows unrelated to pizza? Let me know some of the best ones you’ve been to in the comments below.