Building Referrals: Part 2

build customer referrals

I’m running a follow up to last week’s tip about building referrals because of a helpful comment I received on LinkedIn.

James Simpson, a relationship manager at White Label & Affiliate Events Platforms had the following response to my suggestion of handing out business cards to loyal customers and instructing them to write their name on the back and receive XX each time one is returned to the pizzeria by one of their referrals…

“Your suggestion could be greatly enhanced if the operator had a web app (ideally with his menu on it, and even better with online ordering) that had a simple “Click to Share” button. This button allows a customer – with a simple click on their phone – to share a pre-set message determined by the pizza operator on the customer’s Facebook, Twitter or Email list with an offer, a link to the restaurant’s app, his logo and do all of this for free.

“The math is simple, if you accept the current third-party provided statistics for Facebook (for example). Avg FBook Friends 200-300, multiplied by 100% participation of the next level when asked to “share with friends” (200×200=) results in a potential 40K shares. Now we all know that only a few percent will share, not 100%, but that still results in a thousand or more third party friends or family of the customer and the customer’s friends and family getting a special offer, a suggestion to eat pizza and a branded image of the pizza operator all at no cost (excluding whatever the offer is). If only 2 customers a day followed the request, with a 10% share rate at the second level, the math works out to over 2.4M + 240K shares, or put it another way, a LOT of pepperoni.”

James’ suggestion is a great one, and last year, created a comprehensive cheat sheet for social media share/like/follow buttons, that can help you easily implement share buttons on any of your social media channels. Check it out here.

Are you successfully using these marketing methods? Tell me about it in the comments below.