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9 Reasons You Need a Website

Hard to believe, but there are still pizzeria operators who believe they do not need a website. Many businesses are now, unfortunately, considering a Facebook or Twitter page to be the new “website.” However, social media will not give customers the immediate information they are seeking when it comes to menus and contact information, not …

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8 Ways to Keep Customers Loyal

Your customers are already members of, at minimum, three or four loyalty programs tied to the local grocery store, office supply chain, drug store or elsewhere. Offering a program with rewards and discounts from your pizzeria would is sure to be welcomed with open arms. However, printing out a business card and purchasing a fancy …

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Why You Need an Employee Handbook

Here comes Kevin. Walking into work late again after he left the pizzeria early last night. His co-workers are tired of him making them stay late, but he never seems to get in trouble.  Could the addition of an employee handbook solve this problem? With an employee handbook in place, there’s no arguing when it …

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Products with Pizza Envy

Pizza is America’s favorite food. So it’s no surprise that we see so many products that aren’t pizza, wanting to be pizza. They know that they are not pizza, but if they could just taste like pizza… USA Today recently covered some of the more unusual products to boast pizza flavoring, including Doc Popcorn gluten-free …

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