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3 Pizzerias Making Millions

When it comes to standing out in the pizza industry, you want to be unique and represent your own style. However, there’s something we all can learn from those who are bringing in millions of dollars every year. I’m not talking about the big four pizza chains here, I’m talking about stores that most of …

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7 Ways to Team Up for Profit

Have you ever teamed up with another business in order to promote both businesses using a smaller marketing budget? Think of all of the business owners you already know in your area. Would any of them be open to the idea of pairing up to save? Let’s look at what you need to do and …

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Top 3 Pizzeria Marketing Tips

A couple of weeks ago I took to Facebook and asked pizzeria operators to tell me their top three marketing ideas. One of the owners who responded will now be featured in an upcoming issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine! Another respondent, who is not a pizzeria operator, but knows a thing or two about pizzeria …

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Smarter Ways to Use Your Pizza Box

Credit: Christopher King/Melville House Publishing (Viva la Pizza!)       Are you currently using your pizza boxes to promote your pizzeria? Don’t underestimate the power of these advertising gems!       Below I’ve shared a few tips from my upcoming article about box top promotions scheduled to appear in the April 2015 edition of PMQ Pizza Magazine. …

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Experimenting with Experiential Marketing

Have you ever heard the term “Experiential Marketing?” You may be doing it without even realizing it, and if you aren’t, statistics show us that it’s definitely worth trying. Experiential Marketing is a term used for marketing that allows the consumer to interact with your business, creating a memory, and theoretically making them want to …

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Attend a Hair Show for Pizza Advice

A couple of weeks ago I attended a hair education event in Orlando. Yes, you read that right. When I returned home from covering the event (for a separate publication), I realized that many of the business tips that the educators were sharing could also be applied to running a pizzeria. Not surprisingly, when seeking …

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3 Big Marketing Mistakes–and How to Fix Them

This week, The Pizza Insider turns to Linda Duke, owner of Duke Marketing, PMQ’s resident marketing maven, and author of Recipes for Restaurateurs, for advice on potential marketing mistakes and how you can easily bring new customers—and increased sales—through the door by giving away something you make every day. 1.     What are three marketing mistakes currently …

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