Could You Be Sued Over Your Gluten-Free Menu?

If you haven’t heard about the P.F. Chang’s customer in California who is suing the chain over its gluten-free menu, listen up.

According to the case, the restaurant is tacking on a surcharge for its gluten-free items, a practice which Anna Marie Phillips claims violates the Americans with Disabilities Act by forcing those with Celiac disease to pay extra.

While there are mixed feelings about the charges, it’s something to think about if you are currently offering gluten-free items at your pizzeria. Are you charging extra for the same menu items minus the gluten?

A case can be made for the fact that gluten-free items in grocery stores are more expensive than their counterparts–as are most healthier versions of everyday staples. But what’s most important here is that you protect your own business. Don’t be caught in the same situation as P.F. Chang’s. Make sure you are covering your costs while also treating every customer fairly.

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