Creating Memorable Memorabilia

I’m a sucker for collectibles and memorabilia. I don’t personally collect much of it (well, I guess I have some Winnie the Pooh stuff, but we won’t go there). Anyway, what I really like is seeing what other people collect, experiencing the nostalgia of vintage items, and the thrill of finding out if something has risen in value over the years.

On my DVR at home you’ll find episodes of American Pickers, Antiques Roadshow and Storage Wars (my favorite bidder is Barry, the collector).

I’m telling you all of this because someone has finally taken my love for memorabilia and married it with my love for pizza!

I’m leaving tomorrow on a road trip to visit the world’s biggest collection of pizza memorabilia–Pizza Brain in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The country’s only pizza museum (also one of the city’s favorite pizzerias) just celebrated its one-year anniversary, which PMQ covered in its October issue (hitting mailboxes soon), and I’ve been wanting to visit it since before the opening.

I can’t wait to report back to you about all of the things I see while there!

In the meantime, think about what types of pizza memorabilia you might have gathering around your store. Your very first menu, photos of when the shop first opened, your first pizza peel, and more. Consider framing some of your own memorabilia and putting it on display. Customers love to see your memories and hear your stories; welcome them in.

Come back next week when I’ll share photos and stories with you from my trip to Pizza Brain.