Delectable Desserts…for Delivery!

I love pizza. That’s not news to anyone. But one of my pet peeves has always been the lack of dessert choices when I order pizza for delivery. Dessert always seems to be an afterthought on pizzeria delivery menus. Yes, maybe the pizza should be enough to fill me up, but that never stopped me from wanting something sweet to top off that cheesy goodness!

So I started looking around for pizzerias that offer delicious desserts. I’m sharing some here in the hopes that someday the idea of an expanded dessert menu will catch on across the nation and I’ll be be presented with a plethora of dessert options to wrap up my favorite pizza meal. From a business standpoint, desserts generate pretty good profit margins as well, so it may not hurt to give a couple of them a whirl, either as specials or permanent additions.

Pizzeria Uno in Chicago offers patrons several desserts, including bread pudding with salty caramel sauce, a chocolate peanut butter cup, deep dish chocolate chip cookie sundae and more.

National chain Godfather’s Pizza has monkey bread and a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Sunset Pizzeria in Las Vegas delivers chocolate cake, homemade cannolis and cheesecake.

Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Fredericksburg, Virginia, offers tiramisu, bacio puffs, chocolate mousse cake and more.

OK, this one might be my favorite. At Primo Pizzeria in Deerfield, Massachusetts, every delivery order arrives with a free brownie!

What types of desserts do you offer on your menu for delivery? Tell us about in the comments section.