How Many Ways Can You Top a Pizza?

(Photo: Pizza Hut Canada)

In the current issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine, you’ll find an article exploring the latest in trendy toppings (think burrata, Nutella, Brussels sprouts, etc.). When I came across this photo of the Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza at Pizza Hut Canada, it further proved that there is truly no limit to what you can put atop a pizza.

I’m sure you’ve been asked by dozens of people if you ever get tired of eating pizza. But as you know, one of the best benefits of pizza is that its versatility makes it adaptable to any meal of the day–toss an egg, bacon and crispy potatoes on top and you’ve got breakfast; a chicken, beef or seafood topped pie makes for a stellar lunch; keep it light with a Margherita pizza for dinner; and treat yourself with a small Nutella pie for dessert. Sounds like a perfect day’s meals to me!

What toppings are you offering customers so that they can have a different experience for every meal and every visit? Do you have specialty pies as well as a list of specialty toppings?

Do you experiment with new toppings? In addition to testing daily specialty pies, I’ve seen several pizzerias test new pie toppings by walking around the pizzeria and handing out small slices and asking for feedback from customers. This is a great way to give your customers a free “happy” while conducting market research.

Let us know how you experiment with toppings in the comments section below.