How to Create a Holiday Calzone

sauce on the side calzone

We’ve seen plenty of Thanksgiving pizzas, but when was the last time you featured a holiday calzone on your menu?

On a recent trip to St. Louis, my husband Benjy and I stopped into Sauce on the Side, which has dedicated its menu to celebrating the humble calzone, and is doing it very well.

On the day we visited Sauce on the Side, they were featuring a special calzone called The Mayflower, which was packed full of herb-roasted turkey, cornbread stuffing, dried cranberries, sweet potato mash, candied walnuts and white cheddar. Oh, and the sauce? Gravy! I was in Heaven.

Could you duplicate something like this at your pizzeria around the holidays? Why not? It gives guests that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling and trust me, if they’re anything like me, they’ll tell all of their friends about the unique calzone they just ate at your pizzeria.

thanksgiving calzone

Think of all the holiday dinners you could stuff into a calzone–turkey and dressing; pot roast and potatoes; ham and sweet potatoes. You get the idea.

Have you featured holiday-themed calzones at your pizzeria? Make my mouth water by telling me about it in the comments below.