How to Fail with Online Ordering

online ordering mistakes

Online ordering can bring a big boost to your bottom line, when it’s executed correctly.

By now, you know of all the ways you can integrate online ordering into your POS, while also marketing the offering through email, social media, direct mail and in-store displays. But do you know some of the top ways you could be failing with your online ordering?

If you’ve fallen prey to any of the following mistakes, you could be losing valuable online ordering profits.

Mistake #1: Not incentivizing guests to try online ordering. Any time a guest is presented with a new option to engage with your pizzeria, you’ll always be more successful with the “give to get” approach. Give them an incentive to try your online ordering program for the first time and they’ll be far more likely to try it.In many online ordering systems you can automatically apply a discount to the guest’s order (for example: Free breadsticks with all online orders this month).
Mistake #2: Not identifying online ordering customers. – You can’t market to your online ordering customers if you don’t know who they are. It’s easy to integrate your online ordering list with your email program by including a field to opt-in to the email list on the online ordering page (create a subset email list for those who order online). You can then continue to market to those customers who already use your online ordering while continuing to incentivize newer guests to try it.   
Mistake #3: Not creating upsell opportunities during ordering. Possibly the biggest mistake, this one can really affect your bottom line. You can benefit greatly from impulse buys during the online ordering checkout process–if they are in fact presented to the customer. The majority of online ordering software allows you to easily integrate upselling questions and/or pages, which showcase additional items that can be added to the order. The majority of pizza customers end up trying something new during this process, so don’t skip it.
Are you avoiding these mistakes and reaping the rewards? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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  1. Pi Man says:
    Sure wish Revention and their HungerRush did not fail us as much as they do. Good points but sadly some of it is not in our control as we are at the mercy of our POS or Online Ordering site.