Increase Profits with Smaller Portions

We see it all the time–restaurants serving portions that could feed two to three people. It’s a struggle between giving the customer a feeling of getting more for their money while still trying to make a healthy profit.

Some of the downsides to serving portions that are too large include wasted food, additional to-go box usage and lost profits.

The fact is, no one needs a pound of pasta or three servings of fries when they sit down to a meal. In fact, many customers appreciate a restaurant that serves smaller portions (look at the popularity of tapas and mini desserts).

Many consumers (including myself) have resorted to skipping apps, sharing entrees, and nixing dessert in order to balance out the huge portions that are being served. This behavior doesn’t help with your profits.

So what can you do if your customers are accustomed to large portions at your pizzeria but you want to introduce smaller entrees/pizzas? Consider pairing a price cut with the portion cut and offer personal-size pizzas at lunchtime or on the Starters menu. Most people will enjoy the lower price and finally be able to try some of your apps and desserts.

Alternatively, you can raise the prices slightly and label yourself as “family-style.” This way, customers will order pasta, salad and bread items “for the table.” Tactics like these can curb waste, inspire customers to try new dishes, and boost your bottom line.

How are portions at your pizzeria? What measures are you taking to make your menu the most profitable it can be?