Is Crowdfunding Right for You?

Starting and running a business requires a lot of capitol. Until a few years ago, you needed to get this money from banks, personal savings, friends and investors. Now, there’s a little something called crowdfunding.

I was surprised to find dozens upon dozens of pizzerias that have taken to the Internet to ask for a helping hand–and it’s no wonder. Billions of dollars have been raised through nearly 500 crowdfunding platforms over the past few years, with some of the most popular platforms being Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundable, Crowdfunder and Crowdrise.

I took a look on Kickstarter and searched for some successfully funded pizza projects to share with you here. I’m hoping it will serve as inspiration for those projects you’ve had on the back burner for a few months–or maybe even years. It may be hard to believe, but there are people out there who want to see you succeed, and are ready to back up their support with cold, hard cash!

Pizza Delicious in New Orleans – 282 backers helped raise $18,300 to buy them a new Marsal & Sons oven.

Atomic Pizza in Portland, OR – 171 backers helped raise $32,568 for them to move into a larger building.

Pizza Bonanza – I love this one! 160 backers helped raise $2,443 for a webseries that combines pizza making and pizza exercises. So fun!

Pizza Brain – You know this one; the pizza museum in Philly (check out my article in the upcoming June/July issue of PMQ if not). This is their Kickstarter campaign where 326 backers helped raise $16,587 to open the pizzeria.

Top This! A Pizza Flicking Game – OK, the board game world definitely needed this; a pizza game! 335 backers helped them raise $16,431 to make it a reality.

Are you getting inspired yet? Think you might be able to get some funding for that new patio, a cool T-shirt giveaway, new equipment? Check out some crowdfunding sites and see what others are doing. You could be on your way to crossing off your wish list by this time next month.