Let Your Customers Tell Your Story

With so much information coming at us every day, it gets harder and harder to grab the attention of potential customers with traditional marketing methods.

Every piece of marketing material we receive features a company boasting about how wonderful their products are and why we should pick up the phone to buy them. If all you’re doing is repeatedly saying, “Our pizza is great,” it can become white noise after a while. After all, every pizzeria has great pizza, right?

So what would consumers rather see when they’re looking to purchase your pizza? Well, most of us read other customer reviews of products before we by them, we scan comments that others make on social media if it concerns a topic that also concerns us, some will even visit sites such as Yelp to check out what other diners say about your pizza. So, including customer feedback and stories about your pizzeria in your marketing materials could do a lot to make someone want to try your pizzeria.

The trick here is to avoid using only testimonials from people who say, “I love your pizza, it’s the best in the world.” Yes, you’ll want to include a couple of those, but if that’s all people see, they may question the truthfulness of what you’re presenting. Have a mix of outstanding and ordinary comments from your customers that will show a range of opinions.

If you need feedback, distribute forms on your tables and make sure to include a disclaimer that states that comments may be used in your marketing materials.

Have some fun with it and ask a few of your regulars if they’d be willing to be interviewed on camera; post the videos to your social media pages.

Sharing true customer stories is a great way to get your customers involved while learning more about your own pizzeria–and its customers–in the process.

Have you tried this? Let us know how it’s working for you in the comments below.