Live Contests at The Pizzeria

Whenever I see something cool, I always think about how it can translate to a pizzeria.

Last weekend, while at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, a Star of the Bar contest was held within the International Wine, Spirits & Beer Event (IWSB). Six mixologists prepared samples of their cutting-edge cocktail creations for attendees to sample. In return, everyone voted for their favorites by placing a card in a bowl marked with each mixologist’s name at a judging station.

I thought this could be a really fun event for a pizzeria to hold on a typically slow night. Each pizza chef/cook could create their own unique pizza combination, customers could sample each, and vote. A modest admission price could be charged (and even donated to charity if you’re feeling generous).

This type of event is a great way to build a sense of community, test out new recipes, help your staff feel more connected to your customers, and garner easy press for the pizzeria. The buzz is sure to spread on social media before, and long after, the event.

What ideas have you seen lately? Always be on the lookout for marketing tactics that may not scream “pizza,” but can easily be transformed into something you can use in your own business.