Marketing Under 15 Seconds

Marketers often have difficulty fitting everything into a one-minute commercial. What if you only had 15 seconds, or six?

The introduction of Vine, launched by Twitter in January of 2013, gave users the ability to create six-second video clips–which continuously loop–with their smartphones. Consumers have created millions of videos with it, and big-brand marketers have put together some pretty creative clips to take advantage of the application as well. Check out some marketing videos created with Vine that collected here.

Not to be outdone, Instagram (owned by Facebook) released Video on Instagram last week, giving users 15 seconds to create their videos. More than five million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours after its release. Some argue that Video on Instagram will be more popular with marketers because 67% of top brands are already using Instagram. Also, having the Facebook audience is an obvious plus (618 million active users on Facebook vs. 9.6 million active users on Twitter). talks about what companies need to know about Instagram Video here.

Considering all of this, what kind of mini video could you create to entice customers into your pizzeria? Here are a few ideas; what else can you come up with?

–Fast motion creation of one of your signature pizzas
–Your pizza makers spinning pizzas in the kitchen
–Slideshow of your most popular menu items