Marketing with QR Codes

Have you ever used QR codes in your marketing? Where do they usually lead customers? To your website or social media pages? Maybe to your menu? Let’s review some tips that will help you get the most benefit from QR codes. We’ll also hear what The Pizza Insider Blog Advisory Board has to say about them.

1. Make People Want to Scan Them. Is there a promise of a discount, exclusive information or insider details? Customers won’t necessarily want to scan a QR code if it’s just leading to a generic website or information they already know. Make it worth their while to scan the code. If you can lead them down the road to purchasing something, all the better!

2. Keep Them Mobile-Based. Be sure that wherever you’re leading customers is a mobile-friendly site. After all, they’re using their mobile phones to scan the code, so it wouldn’t make sense to lead them to a site that doesn’t display well on a mobile phone.

3. When in Doubt, Size Up. The smallest a QR code can be to be readable is about 1 square inch. If users will be further away (think bus bench, subway poster, etc.) the code will need to be larger to be scannable from a distance.

4. Consider a Custom Design QR Code. Instead of a black bar code, custom QR codes integrate the look of your logo or other design to make your QR code stand out from others.

5. Test and Track It. Always, always, always test your QR code before printing it out on all of your marketing materials. And create a custom (shortened) URL that can gather analytics to see how your QR code is working out in the real world.

6. Consider Using Them for Post-Purchase Info/Feedback. Have you tried using a QR code to lead customers to pizza reheating instructions or a customer feedback form? Think outside the box on different ways to use the codes to inspire a scan.

An interesting statistic to note is that while about 10% of mobile users scan QR codes while in a restaurant, a whopping 60% scan them at home! I’m thinking that those pizza boxes are sounding like prime real estate for some high-quality QR codes. What do you think?

Here’s what The Pizza Insider Blog Advisory Board had to say about some of the ways they’ve seen pizzerias using QR codes.

“I’ve seen them on T-shirts, decals on doors and coupons.” —Jon Porter, Chicago Pizza Tours

“We are using QR codes as part of a Guest Reward program that replaces paper cards. The server swipes the guest i-phone and they are credited for their visit and purchase.” –John Arena, Metro Pizza

“You can put QR codes on your menu, receipts, pizza boxes, etc. and link people to you website, menu and online ordering.” –Jay Siff, Moving Targets

“In marketing and branding materials that drive to the pizzeria website; treat the QR codes as another touch point that drives traffic to your website.” –Mike Rasmussen, Rasmussen Tax Group

“The QR code novelty factor has not worn off as quickly as some predicted and we are now seeing them used on advertising from some of the biggest brands in the world, right down to family-run businesses. Expect to see a lot more QR codes in 2013. They are great for launching a loyalty program or offering something for a limited time (with a start and end date) to track results.” Linda Duke, Duke Marketing

“I rarely see people using them at all but it would be smart if folks used them to direct customers to online-only promotions or social media sites.” –Scott Wiener, Scott’s Pizza Tours