Proof that Pizza is Your BFF

Everyone loves pizza, but have you ever stopped to think about how over the years it has also loved you back? Stick with me for a minute here. I’ve got five proven facts that show how pizza is your BFF. It’s hard to deny the cold, hard facts….

1. Growing up, pizza saved you from boring lunches and snacks. It waited patiently for you in the cafeteria on pizza day, after school at your favorite pizzeria, and in the freezer at home in the form of bagel bites and pizza rolls.

Credit: Burger Baroness (Flickr)

2. When you needed a hangout, or a casual joint to take someone for a first date, the pizzeria was always your go-to spot–and probably still is.

Credit: Liz Barrett

3. Studying for exams, watching the big game, partying into the wee hours of the morning… who has always been there for you? Pizza, that’s who!

Credit: Podere Casanova (Flickr)

4. Pizza even accommodates your crazy mood swings–one day healthy, the next day decadent, the next day gourmet. Only a best friend would put up with that.

Credit: Liz Barrett

5. And if all that wasn’t enough, when you don’t feel like leaving the house, pizza is always just a phone call away. It can be there in less than 30 minutes.

Credit: Liz Barrett