Putting an End to Email Overload

I’m going to step away from pizza for a moment, because I really want to share something that I feel can be a big help to everyone who spends a lot of time going through emails every day. I’ve never spoken to this company and I’m not being paid to say nice things about them. In fact, I just came across the site when I was reading through some materials on Inc.com.

I don’t know about you, but I have three separate email accounts that get a fair amount of useless emails every day. I read a statistic recently stating that 80% of emails are spam. Ugh! Anyway, when I heard about unroll.me, I immediately checked it out.

The deal is this. You sign in with your Gmail and/or Yahoo accounts (these are the only email clients supported at this time), and it will automatically run through your account and pull out all of your subscriptions. It then gives you a choice to either unsubscribe from them or “roll them up” into one combined email that you’ll receive daily. Ta-da! No more cluttered inboxes! I can hardly imagine it.

When I ran the scan on my Gmail account, it found 133 subscriptions. My Yahoo had 138. Some of them I didn’t even recognize! Needless to say, I unsubscribed from more than half of them on both accounts and “rolled” the rest.

I’m excited to experience my new inbox!