Think You Don’t Need a Website?

Is this what customers see when they search for you on the Web?
If you have a website that you keep updated on a regular basis, keep up the great work! However, if customers come up blank (like the image above) when they try to find you, we need to talk…
In this age of social media, many businesses are now, unfortunately, considering a Facebook or Twitter page to be the new “website.” Social media will not give customers the immediate information they are seeking when it comes to menus and contact information, not everyone uses social media, and these pages usually do not appear in browser searches.
Are you losing potential customers because you don’t have a website, and if so, why don’t you have one?
Years ago, it used to be a big undertaking to put up a website, involving designers and thousands of dollars. Nowadays there are dozens of inexpensive, and often free, software programs and websites that allow you to build an easy template site in a matter of minutes (they can even take care of getting the domain online for you). With a pizzeria, your site would only need location/contact information, hours, and a menu if you wanted to keep it really simple.
Having a website would do the following for your pizzeria:
  1. Make you look serious about having a business, and staying in business.
  2. Attract new customers that would otherwise not have found you while searching the Web.
  3. Show an increased level of customer service by providing information where your customers are looking for it.
  4. Give you a fighting chance against your competitors who already have a web presence.
  5. Provide your business with additional credibility and allow you to reference your site to business partners, employee prospects, etc. 
  6. Allow your business information to be visible 24/7.
  7. Save you some money on advertising and menu flyers by leading customers to the website.
  8. Help you track how many people visit your site; something you can’t do with other types of ads.
  9. Save time on the phone since most people will find the answer they need on your site before calling.

If you’re still on the fence, I hope you’ll take a serious look at the benefits above as well as talk with others who are online about their own experiences.

Good luck and please send me a link to your new site when it goes online!

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