Top 3 Pizzeria Marketing Tips

pizzeria marketing

A couple of weeks ago I took to Facebook and asked pizzeria operators to tell me their top three marketing ideas. One of the owners who responded will now be featured in an upcoming issue of PMQ Pizza Magazine!

Another respondent, who is not a pizzeria operator, but knows a thing or two about pizzeria marketing, also replied. I liked his feedback so much, that I’m sharing it with you here.

Bryan Mull is the internet marketing manager for Mail Shark, and had the following marketing tips to share….

bryan mull mail shark
Bryan Mull, Mail Shark

1. Spend the money to have awesome logo and branding elements. Don’t skimp on the “look” of the business. Just like dating, physical appearance and vibe of your business will matter when trying to get people in the door. Look the part and make sure your branding is memorable. Remember that your brand and quality of design is a direct reflection of your business in both your food quality and customer service. 
2. Verify your business with Google My Business. This is probably one of the single best tactics a pizzeria owner can do (for free) that will actually help them get visibility on the web. As much as I would like to add “create a website for your business” or “setup a Business Facebook page” to my top 3, I know from past experience that a well optimized Google Plus page can go a long way in local search visibility. 
3. Conduct a direct mail campaign to your local area featuring your menu. This is not a plug for my company. The menu mailing is huge, especially if it’s a new pizzeria or a franchise chain that is coming to a new area. Menus make it extremely easy for the consumer to place an order because it features all menu items, pricing, and tells a the story about the pizzeria. This is a proven tactic to jump start customer campaigns. The big guys like Pizza Hut do this all the time when they open a franchise in a new area. 
Have some great marketing ideas to share? Tell me in the comments section below!